CHINESE LIONS, Discover the Orient, Robin Hill, Vectis Ventures Ltd, Mike Wilson

ENSEMBLE, Singing In The Rain, 48 Hour Showtime Challenge, The Adelphi Theatre, Esther Biddle

PRINCESS Good Girls Gone Bad,  Perfect Blue, The Lost Theatre, Stuart Saint

ENSEMBLE, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Showtime Challenge The Adelphi Theatre, Esther Biddle

AN INTRODUCTION TO PRINCESS Dancer, The Lost Theatre, Stuart Saint Productions

PRINCESS (a rock ballet), Workshop development, Stuart Saint Productions


THE BOYFRIEND, Featured dancer, Eyebrow Productions, John Sheerman

VIVA LAS VEGAS, Cabaret, Show Girl, Lucinda Ryan Productions, Lucinda Ryan


CRAZY FOR YOU, New Yorker/Nevada Soloist, Eyebrow Productions, Katherine Hare


ME AND MY GIRL, Lamp Post Ballet Duet, Eyebrow Productions, John Sheerman/Racky Plews

IVY PAIGE'S SCANDALOUS, Daisy Paige, Ivy Paige Productions, Lucinda Ryan/Harper Rae

COSTA CRUISE  (Production Shows), Europa,  Karen Langford

FANTASY MS ALBATROS (Production Shows), Rachel Starling

MJESTIC CRUISE (Peoduction Shows) Mirage Productions, Wendy Calister

BLACKPOOL MAGICIANS CONVENTION, Dancer, Mirage Productions, Jane Moran

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